HD video brochure 2.4 inch 4.3 inch 5 inch 7 inch 10 inch LCD video in brochure

9/3/2018 4:55:57 PM


Video brochure is a brand-new product that combines the traditional paper card with the electronic screen to create a more creative and multi-faceted approach to the human body! It can be used as an invitation, a conference advertisement card, a memorial card, a holiday card, and a video. Signature card trade fairs, business gifts, opening ceremony, anniversary celebrations, public relations planning, awards, and, in general, can be used as a simple video brochure.
Video greeting cards will become the most fashionable business gifts and promotional media, and the future will surpass traditional greeting cards.

LCD screen size: 1.5″\\1.8″\\2.4″\\2.8″\\3.5″\\4.3″\\5″\\6.5″\\7″\\10″
LCD screen pixels: 128*128DP, 192*160DP, 320*240DP, 480*272DP, 800*480DP, 800*600DP, 1024*600DP
Memory: 64MB\\128MB/256MB\\512MB\\2G\\4G, etc.
Battery capacity: 400 mA / 600 mA / 800 mA / 1200 / 1500 mAh, lithium battery, can be recharged through the USB cable
Video format: AVI, 3GP, MP4/RMVB
Screen brightness: 200cd/m2
Speaker: 8Ω 0.5W/2.5W
Interface: USB interface
Support download: use one end of the USB cable to insert the greeting card USB interface, the other end is connected to the computer, rechargeable, downloadable
Switch mode: magnetic control Hall switch (can be used for greeting cards, gift boxes), thimble switch, push button switch, pull rod switch, etc.
Type of greeting card: A5 4-fold greeting card, A4 4-fold greeting card, A5 2-fold flat card, A4 packing fine, etc.
The trigger function of the product can be realized in various ways, such as using button switch, vibration switch, light control switch, voice control switch, remote control switch, touch switch, temperature control switch, human body sensor switch, etc. We can also customize a variety according to customer needs Functional voice IC.

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