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Travelers from all over the world are aware of the fact that Kerala is a distinct known for its natural beauty. People should also realize the fact that there is much more in Kerala apart from the beauty. Almost all districts in the state of Kerala have a lot of historical significance and has a lot of cultural heritage. The cultural richness of a place can be evident through the various festivals conducted. The diversity and abundance of historical and archaeological wealth makes people flock to this gorgeous place.

It is a general tendency to associated any festival to a specific religion. No one can ignore this basic fact but there is one place in India that is known for celebrating a festival for all religions. That is none other than Gods own country, Kerala. The festival of Onam is celebrated by the people of the state no matter what the religion they belong to. It is definitely a great sight to see Hindus, Muslims as well as Christian celebrating a function or event.

Art and music has always be associated to festivals. The harvest festival of Kerala, Onam is celebrated with lots of charm and enthusiasm. Colorful flowers , pangolin powders and lights add a lot of beauty to the event. The belief behind the festival is the rule of King Mahabali. The era of this particular king is said to be a golden era in the history of kerala. To remember this era, Onam is celebrated with lots of interest and people tend to believe that the spirit of the popular king visits kerala during the festive season. New clothes, special cuisines and color is what people think of during the month of August or beginning of September when Onam is celebrated for 10 days.

Traditional events mark the occasion in the whole of the state. kathakali, which is a special form of dance of Kerala is performed all over the state and plays a prime role in making the festivities a success. Events such as snake boat races increases the enjoyment of the people. Another aspect that marks the colorful Onam festival is the swing which is seen more in the rural areas. Onappattu or Onam songs are sung by men and women who get themselves clad in the best of clothes and they rock each other on the swings while singing the songs. Unity is evident during this festival since it does not show any difference for caste or religion.

Thumbi Thullal

The very sight of women clad in the traditional dresses of Kerala brings lot of richness to a festival. watching such women dance to the tunes of traditional songs that are meant to be specially composed for Onam is a treat to the eyes. The ethnicity of the occasion and tremendous effort put forward by the people of Kerala, makes it a wonderful occasion. The traditional jeweler and costumes get extra credit when women clap their hands to the tunes of Onam songs and music. It is danced in the form of a circle with the lead performer right in the middle.

OnakalikalThe festival of Onam is characterized by various events and games.Onakalikal is a great combination of all such games and activities. Visiting Kerala during the month of Onam is a great option since it gives the travelers an opportunity to witness traditional games like Talappanthukali, kutukutu and also the likes of Attakalam and kayyankali. Not to forget archery which is very much a skill portrayed by Keralities.

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