Make your own music greeting cards

9/30/2018 8:05:21 AM

With the popularization of microelectronics technology, in recent years, a variety of electronic greeting cards have appeared in the market, such as music greeting cards, flash music cards, and voice greeting cards. The most interesting one is the recording electronic card, which has a shape book such as paper. The card is no different from a normal greeting card, but it can be recorded and played anytime and anywhere like a tape recorder. It is amazing. This article describes how to make several e-cards. Through their own hands, the students can satisfy their curiosity and learn electronic knowledge. At the same time, they can also donate their own electronic greeting cards to the teachers and friends.

一、music greeting cards homemade audio e-cards -Video Brochure SHINY Blog

1 is a circuit diagram, a music integrated circuit IC is usually directly packaged on a small (about 22 mm × 15 mm) printed circuit board, five pins are connected to the printed circuit, and battery clips, switches, and the like are mounted on the substrate. The music integrated circuit assembly consisting of a music IC substrate and a piezoelectric buzzer with a sound-assisting cavity, commonly referred to as a music electronic movement, is mainly used for producing various electronic music cards. Figure 1 circuit power supply voltage 1.5 ~ 3V, can be powered by one or two G13 button battery. The switch S is a special displacement switch. The two pieces of metal of the switch sandwich a plastic piece and one end of the plastic piece sticks to one side of the paper card. When the greeting card is opened or closed, the switch S automatically controls the music electronic machine. The power of the core is turned on and off. Figure 2 is a solid view of a musical electronic movement. Homemade music greeting cards -Video Brochure SHINY Blog

Steps to make an e-card: 1 Choose a 30% exquisite greeting card (or make it yourself). 2 Pull the plastic spacer in Figure 2 horizontally and then place the self-adhesive paper pad of the electronic movement 180° along the dotted line (do not fold the plastic sheet together). 3 Spread the greeting card, align the dotted line of the electronic movement with the folding line in the middle of the greeting card and stick it. Open the greeting card, the plastic piece is pulled out horizontally, the switch is turned on, and the buzzer sounds music; when it is closed, the plastic piece is pushed in, the switch is turned off, and the music sound stops immediately. At this time, a fine music card is ready.-Video Brochure SHINY Blog

二、Second, sound, and light music card
3 is a circuit diagram of a music electronic movement that can drive four light-emitting diodes LED1 to LED4. Figure 4 is a solid diagram. We compare Figure 3 with Figure 1 and we can see that there are only four LEDs in Figure 3. When the switch S is turned on, the light-emitting diodes are flashing in synchronization with the cheerful music. Homemade audio e-card
? LED1 to LED4 can select φ3, low power consumption, and different color and shape of light-emitting diodes. The circuit must be powered by two 1.5V, G13 button batteries. The method and steps of making a greeting card are the same as above.
-Video Brochure SHINY Blog

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