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video  brochure


The greeting card originated from the Western Han Dynasty in China. It was originally called “famous post” and introduced itself to the main. In the Tang Dynasty, Emperor Taizong used the greeting card to pay tribute to the minister, and later spread to the folks and continued to this day. At the festival or birthday, people are still used to giving greeting cards to express their wishes.

With the development of society, the traditional greeting card and modern network technology have merged to produce a new form of greeting card—video brochure. Video brochures add an LCD player to a traditional greeting card, which combines the functions of a traditional greeting card with the function of playing a picture or video. The function of video brochure is not limited to blessings. It is also possible to integrate corporate promotional videos into greeting cards, giving people a refreshing feeling.

In enterprises with higher customer unit prices, they often use the more advanced forms as gifts to customers, and also give customers a more intuitive experience while promoting products. In 2017, BMW Motors customized a batch of video brochure in SHINY as a distribution item for the event. Through the combination of video and text, users can more intuitively understand the characteristics and advantages of the new models and play a very good publicity effect.

Full video format support, users can also use other video files built into the data cable, as a portable MP4 player. In addition, you can improve the “Digital Photo Frame” function mode of the desktop, and display the user-built photos in a slideshow.
When traditional and streaming media technologies are combined and presented in front of people in innovative forms, they will always bring different experiences.

In addition to being used as a vehicle for product promotion in the automotive field, video brochures have many application scenarios, such as holiday blessings, event invitations, wedding invitations, anniversaries, and graduation commemorations.

During the holiday season, we always have to send customers some gifts. At this time, we can customize a company’s blessing greeting card with gifts, show the corporate culture and express blessings by streaming media. Let customers feel the fullness of the company.

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